We Choose Welcome


We focus on refugee individuals and families as identified by the UN who have already arrived and are beginning their resettlement in Union County.


We support, aid, and assist

displaced persons by welcoming the stranger, attending to material needs, and offering friendship as well as hospitality to families in need.


We work with individuals, other community helping groups, and national agencies contracted by the federal government to manage resettlement.  Most members and partners are from or near Union County.

Join us in choosing "Welcome"

We're back - after a year+ period of Zoom meetings, we're ready to greet each other and celebrate our continued work. Please join us at our next General Meeting:  Tuesday, July 20 at 7 pm.  Fanwood Presbyterian Church, 74 S. Martine Ave, Fanwood NJ (use the rear door).

Who are refugees?


People who cannot return home for fear of losing their lives.

People whose own government cannot or will not protect them.


People who are persecuted for their religious or political beliefs.


People who flee war or genocide.


People who are brutalized by a military regime.


People like you.


Remember:  Refugees undergo vigorous and lengthy screening protocols. They are then
invited to the U.S. by the Department of State
and are eligible to work.