Meet the Board

President: Jill Segulin

Jill Segulin has been a member of RAP since September 2015.  At RAP, Jill likes to visit resettled families and help them understand American systems and the paperwork they receive from different agencies.  She is a homemaker and has a bachelor's degree in Human Services and Psychology.  Jill has served as RAP’s President for three years, having served as RAP’s Secretary until 2018.


Vice President: Don Jones

Don Jones has volunteered with RAP since May 2017.   He enjoys tutoring resettled families at Sunday Sharing.  Don graduated from Fairfield University with a BS degree in finance, managed an equity mutual fund, presently works at Amazon, manages a health and wellness business, and serves on the Cranford Environmental Commission.  He has two children, Francesca and Nicholas. Don served as an executive board member-at-large in 2020.

Secretary: Steven Wheatley

Steve Wheatley retired in 2018 from an academic organization where he has served as vice president for 20 years.  He was delighted to discover RAP and join in its good work.  Steve has been an enthusiastic participant in the RAP Sunday Sharing program and the Funding Committee.  He lives in Mountainside with his wife, Linda-Marie.  He has a doctorate in American history. Steve has served as RAP’s Secretary for one year.

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Treasurer: Richard Scannell

Richard Scannell is a long-time resident of Fanwood where he and his wife Linda have raised two sons. He has been an active volunteer throughout his adult life participating in family and faith-based organizations. He has a BA in Accounting, and MBA in Finance and is a CPA (NJ Inactive). Richard has over 40 years of experience in the financial field before his recent retirement. Richard has served as RAP’s Treasurer for one year.



Malini Majumdar has lived in Scotch Plains with her husband Russ Lomuscio and their two kids, Andrew and Neena, for 18 years. She has an undergraduate degree in finance from Rutgers University and a law degree from Georgetown University. She currently works full time as an Associate General Counsel at ConnectiveRx, a healthcare marketing company in Whippany. Malini has been a volunteer with RAP for almost 4 years. During this time, she has worked with our families at Sunday Sharing, along with her daughter Neena, to assist with tutoring, childcare and preparing and serving meals. She has also assisted in collecting donations, fundraising and for the past year has served as a member of the board.

Wendy Oldham has been a member of RAP since Spring 2017.  She has been active on the anti-discrimination committee, on several family teams, in making deliveries during the pandemic, and has also served as a tutor.  Professionally, she blends her career in organizational development with her passion for social justice, and is a founding member of Social Justice Matters, in Scotch Plains. She feels a deep personal and spiritual connection with RAP and with the families we help.  Wendy’s hope is that people find a way to resolve conflict that does not displace families all over the world.

Anne Goetz is a co- founder of RAP- she named it! She is a former teacher of French and Spanish and recently retired from her work as a school psychologist and behavior analyst. Anne loves all aspects of teaching and learning, and works primarily with the Sunday Sharing group. Multicultural herself, and an immigrant, she delights in diversity and thanks God for the opportunity to work with our wonderful group of volunteers and resettled families. Anne has served as RAP’s Vice President for the past four years. She looks forward to the opportunity to be a member-at-large in 2021.

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