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Our COVID-19 response

August 2020:  The initial fall-out from the pandemic lockdown has settled.  During the early stages of the pandemic, RAP collaborated with four other organizations to make emergency food deliveries to over 120 unique refugee families.


As the pandemic continues, its economic effects continue to ravage the refugee community.  With your help, RAP was able to provide rent relief to five families, three of which are led by single parents.  We successfully avoided eviction notices for these vulnerable people.  Each of these families have returned to work, and are now able to concentrate on the road ahead, freed from the yoke of insurmountable debt.


RAP also continues to provide tools for success for various families: air conditioning for a family with a sick child, a bike for a father suffering from spinal problems, and continuing support for families with challenges in education, health, and employment.


We also have a new partnership with the Scotch Plains Community Garden. The garden provides an amazing variety of fresh vegetables and herbs. RAP then delivers this fare to a number of resettled families in the area.

Past recipients have included:

--a single woman from Congo who had lost her oldest son in combat before she fled.

--a French-speaking extended family of 5, including a toddler.

--a single mom with extensive health issues (we pair her garden delivery with other nonperishables so she can recuperate at home).

--a family of six from Sudan.  Both parents had been chefs in their country of asylum before being selected for resettlement in the US.  This family REALLY appreciates these fresh items!  


We just wanted to share the families' thanks with all of you for your continued support, both emotional and financial. This makes a HUGE difference in the families' health AND morale, especially in this time of hardship and isolation. The food, gift cards, and money given are way more than assistance; it is Love and Belonging being delivered right to their door.

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RAP President Jill Segulin with Adam and his son, Mohmaed from Sudan.


RAP Board member John Otchy delivers garden box to Raja from the Sudan.

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