Our Statement on Racial Justice

June 14, 2020

Since its founding, RAP (Refugee Assistance Partners NJ) has primarily helped refugees of African origin. We teach and give and mentor to help refugees get on their own two feet. This work mitigates the effects of the corrosive inequality minorities experience in America, but it cannot erase them.


RAP believes that all people have inherent dignity and value, and that all people have the right to be free from violence and a right to belong.  We also know that black people in particular have these rights violated frequently.   

RAP helps with food for those unemployed, but the lack of living wage jobs still chokes black and brown people's bank accounts.

RAP helps with rent, but predatory landlords still prevent many families of color from living in safe, affordable homes.

RAP teaches life skills; one of which is how to peacefully interact with police officers, some of whom could assume criminal intent based on a person’s skin color. Teaching this skill is a terrible and sad necessity.


People of color are often viewed as a threat on the basis of skin alone.  We see it, we hear about it, we live it!  Charities like RAP that address inequalities caused by racism do important work. However, we are not the complete solution: all people must work together for genuinely equal justice in order to bring about sustained equality. Racism is systemic and deeply ingrained in American culture and its institutions.  It can and must be dismantled by relentless effort.


RAP is committed to this effort on the local, state, and national levels.  We are giving monetary donations to Social Justice Matters in Scotch Plains NJ, Faith in New Jersey, and Southern Poverty Law Center, all of which struggle tirelessly against racism.


The people of RAP will fight for equality in opportunity. We stand together as one family!


#BlackLivesMatter #WithJusticeComesPeace