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Our Prayer for Ukraine

  • We pray for peace in Ukraine and for the people fleeing (literally millions), forcibly displaced by the onslaught of terror sweeping across their homeland.

  • We ache for all Ukrainians fighting back their attackers, all those who must flee when they cannot fight, and all those who are risking their lives in attempts to reach safety but are diverted from a clear path to protection.  

  • We hold in our hearts children who have had so much stolen from them by war and violence: loved ones, homes, and all which is familiar and comforting to them.  

  • We weep for today’s world, filled with disturbingly pervasive conflict around the globe.

  • We hope for an end to this war and to all aggressions that force people from their homeland. 

  • We look toward a day when we, as a refugee assistance organization, become irrelevant because all people are free and safe.


Until that day comes, we pray, we give, and we call upon you to do the same.


Millions of people are fleeing to neighboring countries in Europe as asylum seekers; it is our hope they will be united with family and friends in a welcoming community there, and will one day be able to safely return home. 


If you would like to assist in their journey right now, we encourage you to give directly to the Global Empowerment Mission. This organization focuses on sustainable redevelopment, not just crisis response.  They are working “boots on the ground” in Poland helping to relocate refugees to families and friends in the EU as well as providing temporary housing - all with the goal of keeping people out of camps. RAP is giving $500 to the Global Empowerment Mission.


Money is always the single most useful, most flexible way to meet the very fluid, emergent needs of refugees. Unlike item donations, money has no distribution issues, no need for sorting, and no shipping costs. Money facilitates the fastest, most direct relief possible for those who need it most.


Other organizations for you to consider who are helping victims of the Ukrainian war directly and immediately:

United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) - Ukraine Emergency Appeal

International Medical Corps 

CARE - Ukrainian Crisis Fund


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